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Contact, Cooperation &

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is interested in strategic partnerships and collaborations with a number of relevant counterparties in the areas of Longevity politics and governance, scientific research and progressive public policy proposals.

I. Cooperation with Governmental, International and

Non-Governmental Organizations

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is interested in cooperation, collaboration and initiating dialogue from a number of relevant organizations actively involved in UK governance, ranging from government ministries, agencies and departments, to relevant policy-focused NGOs and think-tanks, and other relevant organizations in order to facilitate the optimized development of the nation’s Longevity politics and governance sphere.

II. Cooperation and Sponsorship with Biomedical, Public Policy, and Financial Organizations

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is interested in collaboration, cooperation, sponsorship and the development of joint initiatives with relevant organizations in the domains of geroscience, the economics of ageing and Longevity policy, politics, and governance. The foundation has a strong history of cross-sector collaboration that includes projects on the development of actionable biomarkers of ageing and the application of Artificial Intelligence for ageing research, on interfacing with international policy organizations like the WHO on classifying ageing as a disease, and with financial institutions on economic reform to transform the problem of ageing population into the opportunity of Healthy Longevity.

III. Donations from Individual and Institutional Sponsors

In order to move forward with its expanded scope of activities in the realms of Longevity policy, politics, governance and synergetic industry development, the Biogerontology Research Foundation is actively seeking donations from key institutional and individual sponsors that are keen to see the United Kingdom manifest its latent strengths and prospects, and become the leading Longevity nation that it has the potential to be.

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