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Gain valuable work experience in world-leading ageing research

Boost your credentials with one of our prestigious internships working on exciting new projects in biogerontology, anti-ageing research or support services.

Available Projects

Using AI and Data Science for Longevity Research Projects

Apply, enhance and expand your existing skills in AI and Data Science approaches in longevity research. Gain first-hand experience in the fastest growing area.

Communications and Media

Network with leaders in biogerontology, creatively propose interviews, podcasts or articles on breakthroughs in longevity.

Using AI and Data Science for Industry Ecosystem Mapping and Analysis

Apply, enhance and expand your existing skills in AI and Data Science tools to compile industry insights, and generate valuable intelligence.

Content Development

Craft newsletters, articles summarising recent developments or current state of affairs in longevity science, industry, medicine, policy/governance, and others.

Independent Research Publishing

Take charge of your favourite research in biogerontology, read cutting edge discoveries, and become a published author by writing original literature reviews and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should have either biologically-related or mathematical, computational or business and/or marketing-related studies or relevant work experience. Students of any major/subject may apply, provided they can demonstrate experience relevant to the project in question.


We are particularly interested in applicants with interest or experience in:


  • Data science or AI

  • Literature reviews in the fields of biogerontology, ageing research, biotechnology, or a related area

  • Science communication across publications, original research, literature reviews, audio or video production for the public, non-specialist audiences, as well as for the biogerontology community

  • Automation for a variety of tasks. (e.g., marketing, content production, strategic partnership formation, outreach and engagement.)

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