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The Biogerontology Research Foundation is Supporting the Development of a Decentralized Knowledge and Networking Platform, Longevity.International, and Online Interactive Longevity Analytics IT-Platforms by Aging Analytics Agency

In 2019, to compliment its analytical reports, Aging Analytics Agency released an advanced online Longevity Analytics Platform and database featuring interactive visuals which can transform static analytical reports into dynamic infographics updated in real-time. This platform will enable complex interactions between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched and thus more easily understood.


This IT-platform is being continuously updated with real-time industry developments and upgraded with the integration of  novel analytics elements including:

  • A stakeholder smart-matching engine

  • Supply chain analysis

  • Customized report production

  • Peer-to-peer, distributed stakeholder ranking systems

  • Big data analytics and other advanced tools and techniques

As part of its partnership with Aging Analytics Agency, the Biogerontology Research Foundation is supporting the development of this integrated system of online interactive Longevity Industry IT-platforms.

Longevity.International: A Distributed Knowledge and Networking Platform

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is supporting the ongoing development of a decentralized Longevity knowledge and networking platform, Longevity.International.


The platform is open to qualified stakeholders, and will serve as the framework for industry optimization and cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between companies, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials. The overarching aim of the platform is to promote the synergistic and integrated development of the Longevity Industry to maximize the benefits of all industry stakeholders.

The Longevity Industry continues to grow in size but remains highly fragmented, with different stakeholders displaying disparate opinions on where it is headed and how long it will take to get there. their platform aims to deliver a framework for proper industry unification. 

The platform aims to serve as a kind of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica for the global Longevity Industry, and will feature significant crossovers of functionality with Aging Analytics Agency’s online Longevity Analytics IT-platforms.

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