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The BGRF  Produced the First Ever Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Reports

The Biogerontology Research Foundation not only forecast the true dawn of the Longevity Industry years before its mainstream recognition but was willing to put its reputation at stake with a bold yet precise prediction when no one else saw it coming. Their confidence stems from their reliance on tangible and quantitative predictive metrics, including the use of cross-disciplinary and synergetic analytical tools and frameworks to map the enormous diversity and complexity of the Longevity Industry.

Today, the fruits of their labor significantly contributed to the exponential growth of Longevity as a topic in the mainstream, including its acceptance by business experts, media and even governments. The UK, for example, has listed Aging Population as one of its four grand challenges and launched a government-backed Healthy Aging Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Other governments have also launched similar strategic national development plans devoted to Longevity. Leading media brands, including TIME, Forbes, Bloomberg and others regularly publish Longevity-oriented cover stories. High-profile conferences on the subject of Longevity are more numerous than ever before.

The Biogerontology Research foundation has been involved in charting the rise of the Longevity sphere since its inception and remained at the forefront throughout the past half decade. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to produce both broadly-accessible reports and specialized case studies for specialized clientele including companies, investment firms, family offices and government agencies.

Reports by the Biogerontology Research Foundation and Aging Analytics Agency
2013 - 2015

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