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845-Page Analytical Report on the Longevity Industry in the UK Released

JULY 30, 2018

845-Page Analytical Report on the Longevity Industry in the UK Released

Monday,July 30, 2018, London, UK: Biogerontology Research Foundation announces the publication of a new analytical report titled Longevity Industry in UK Landscape Overview 2018.

845 pages in length, the report aims to outline the history, presentstate and future of the Longevity Industry in the United Kingdom, profilinghundreds of companies, investors, and trends, and offering guidance on the mostoptimal ways in which UK longevity industry stakeholders, as well as governmentofficials, can work to strengthen the industry, and allow it to reach its fullpotential as a global longevity science and preventive medicine hub.

The report uses comprehensive infographics to distill the report’s dataand conclusions into easily understandable portions, and interested readers canget a quick understanding of the report’s main findings and conclusions in its10-page executive summary.

This special regional case study follows-up on the content and generaloutline of the Longevity Industry made by our consortium in the previousLongevity Industry Landscape Overviews, including Volume I “The Science of Longevity” (750 pages), and Volume II  “The Business of Longevity” (650 pages), published earlier this year.

These ongoing analytical reports are part of a collaborative project byThe Global Longevity Consortium, consisting of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, Deep Knowledge Analytics, Aging Analytics Agency and the Longevity.International platform.

The report seeks to document what makes the UK fertile ground for aglobal Longevity industry hub, and how that ground could be developed. The UKis an undoubtable world leader in both the finance and FinTech industries.There is growing evidence that it will become a global hub for AI, in the formof both an exponentially growing UK-based AI industry, as well as in the formof government initiatives which have prioritised development of ArtificialIntelligence industry. Indeed, the UK government announced Grand Challengespoised to transform the nation’s future, which will be treated as priorityareas of national development: Artificial Intelligence and The Ageing Societyare among them.

If the UK government would apply a strategy for the synergeticdevelopment of these two industries, especially on the front of applying AI topreventive medicine and primary care, then United Kingdom would be in anexcellent position to reap many synergetic resulting from the convergence ofthese two spheres, i.e. AI and Longevity, increasing healthy lifespans whiledecreasing the economic burden of The Aging Society.

Even more importantly, it is clear from our analysis both in the UK andglobally, that the spheres of Finance, AI and Longevity, while most often beingconsidered as separate industries with fairly little overlap, should in fact bemore appropriately considered in combination and convergence. Our previousreport, Global Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: “The Businessof Longevity”, concluded that Longevity Industry does not consist solely ofbiomedicine, but that P3 Medicine (precision preventive personalised), theAgeTech market and the financial industry are also crucial subsectors of theLongevity industry, given the significant impact that societal ageing andLongevity have upon economies in general and the economic burden of healthcare,pension funds and insurance companies in particular, as well as the fact thatmultiple types of financial entities have the potential to tie theirperformance to quantitative measures of healthy longevity like HALY and QALY inorder to help economies thrive in response to an increase in its citizenshealthy longevity.

One of the strongest conclusions to come out of this report is that theUnited Kingdom has enough resources in each of three most crucial sectors –Longevity, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Industry – to be in a strongposition to succeed; nonetheless, the nation should focus on cross-sectorcollaboration and synergetic convergence, to accelerate innovation and progressin the Longevity industry at scale.

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