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Biogerontology Research Foundation and Juvenescence Staff to Present at Metabesity 2017

OCTOBER 30, 2017

Biogerontology Research Foundation and Juvenescence Staff to Present at Metabesity 2017

October 30, 2017, London, UK: Biogerontology Research Foundation ( Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov and Biogerontology Research Foundation Advisor and Head of Business Development for Juvenescence Ltd. co-founder Anthony Chow will present at The World Congress on Targeting Metabesity in London, UK on Tuesday, October 31 in Session VIII: Are New Business Models Needed?.

Dr. Zhavoronkov will speak on the subject of recent advances in deep learning applied to the identification of novel disease targets, the generation of new molecular structures for these targets, and tracking the effects of various interventions upon those targets. More specifically, his presentation focuses on the application of deep learning to metabesity, a term that has emerged quite recently to denote the shared cause of many metabolic disorders and pathologies that were previously considered to be causally distinct from one another.

"Some of today's most predominant public health concerns, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and the aging process itself, share metabolic roots. As such, these metabolically connected disorders can be targeted in such a way as to treat their shared causal roots, an economically attractive alternative to the mere palliative management of each separate disorder on their own terms. Metabesity2017 is a great step in this direction, and the Biogerontology Research Foundation is pleased to have its staff among the participants of what will hopefully become a landmark conference series" said Franco Cortese, Deputy Director of the Biogerontology Research Foundation.

Metabesity2017 aims to solidify the way forward in this goal by connecting world-renowned scientists, healthcare and biopharma executives, policymakers, and other stakeholders across the fields of metabolic-rooted disorders. The ultimate goal of Metabesity2017 is to form synergistic interdisciplinary strategies to leverage the science and technology developed to treat each of these metabolically-rooted diseases on their own in order to create a roadmap for how they could be targeted in a comprehensive and preventive manner by setting our sights on their shared root causes instead.

"Targeting metabesity - i.e. the shared metabolic roots underlying some of the most prevalent public health crises of our day, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease, dementia and to a large extent the aging process itself - constitutes one of the lowest-hanging fruits for extending healthy human longevity and improving the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people today. Ongoing developments in AI in general and deep learning in particular, and its intersection with healthcare, medicine, biomarker development and drug discovery, have made today the perfect time to strike. Biogerontology Research Foundation CSO and Insilico Medicine CEO Alex Zhavoronkov will be presenting his most recent work in leveraging AI to identify novel disease targets, to generate novel molecular structures for these targets and to evaluate the efficacy of those novel molecular leads upon those targets at this landmark conference, which we hope will galvanize progress on this front in a very synergetic and cross-disciplinary way." said Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation.


About the Biogerontology Research Foundation

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is a UK non-profit research foundation and public policy center seeking to fill a gap within the research community, whereby the current scientific understanding of the ageing process is not yet being sufficiently exploited to produce effective medical interventions. The BGRF funds and conducts research which, building on the body of knowledge about how ageing happens, aims to develop biotechnological interventions to remediate the molecular and cellular deficits which accumulate with age and which underlie the ill-health of old age. Addressing ageing damage at this most fundamental level will provide an important opportunity to produce the effective, lasting treatments for the diseases and disabilities of ageing, required to improve quality of life in the elderly. The BGRF seeks to use the entire scope of modern biotechnology to attack the changes that take place in the course of ageing, and to address not just the symptoms of age-related diseases but also the mechanisms of those diseases.

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