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Biogerontology Research Foundation Report “Longevity Industry in the UK” Highlighted in Financial Times”

AUGUST 15, 2018

Biogerontology Research Foundation Report “Longevity Industry in the UK” Highlighted in Financial Times”

Longevity Industry in UK Landscape Overview, a recent industry analytical report released by theBiogerontology Research Foundation, Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Analytics, was highlighted among a series of other notable events acknowledging that the UK could become a global hub of the Longevity Industry within the next few years in a recent Financial Times article.

Dmitry Kaminskiy, managing trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation and co-author of the Longevity in UK report, was quoted on the strategic importance of bolstering the UK Government’s efforts to maximize healthy longevity for its citizens, as well as on the coming paradigm shift from treatment to prevention and how AI could come to play a pivotal role in the NHS, saving substantial healthcare costs in the years to come.

The article also featured discussions with Kaminskiy that ageing population globally along with the so-called problem of Silver Tsunami creates significant opportunities. “The one billion people retired globally are a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for business”.

Eric Khilstrom, Interim Director of the UK government’s healthy aging project being conducted as part of their £98m industrial strategy challenge fund, was also quoted on the ongoing rise of the AgeTech industry (which includes all IT-based technologies that can help the elderly remain functional members of society as they age and to help maintain their quality of life into their later years), noting that increasing numbers of the elderly people are using smart-watches and AI assistants such as Amazon’ Alexa.

Tina Woods, chief executive of Collider Health and the chair of the Future Health Collective, urged retail and energy firms to use their customer databases to harness the power of AI to develop products and services to keep the elderly healthier for longer in their own homes.

It is notable that we are beginning to see an increasingly common consensus regarding the maturity of the growing Longevity Industry being highlighted among leading business journals like Financial Times and The Economist, as well as the rise of well-funded strategic development initiatives focused around the extension of healthy longevity by the UK government.

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