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Biogerontology Research Foundation Partners Announce Techno-Philanthropy and Non-Profit Projects

Biogerontology Research Foundation is pleased to share its latest partner Techno-Philanthropy and non-profit projects update. Their commitment to frontier technological innovations for social impact, Healthy Longevity, ethical investment, and DeepTech for Social Good has achieved tremendous progress over the past decade.

2023 will see the launch of a wide range of key initiatives set to transform the face of Healthy Longevity, global philanthropy, and technological advocacy.

Among these is Philanthropy International, a next-generation platform developed by Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, connecting philanthropy players across the globe to maximise philanthropic impact and devise new methods for making global philanthropy as efficient and accountable as a global industry, in effect the industrialisation of philanthropy.

AssistiveTech in the UK

Driven by advanced data analytics developed by one of our key supporters, Deep Knowledge Group, it is the most efficient and transparent platform designed to address significant challenges affecting modern-day philanthropy: crisis relief, welfare, and healthcare provision.

The Assistive Technology, Longevity, and Ageing Society (ATLAS Advocacy) was established in 2022 to inform and guide the public and private sectors to embrace the UK’s growing AssistiveTech, Longevity, and AgeTech industries and enable social inclusion of the senior community and those living with disabilities.

In 2023, ATLAS announced a strategic partnership with the Biogerontology Research Foundation, established in 2008, to boost Biogerontology Research Foundation’s long-standing objective to expand the horizons of key science, technology, industry, and policy decision-makers to include high-impact tech sectors like AgeTech and AssistiveTech that have high levels of market readiness and social impact.

It is expected that the newly formed alliance will boost Biogerontology Research Foundation’s long-standing objective to extend perceptions of the more traditional limits of biogerontology among key science, technology, industry and policy decision makers to include high-impact tech sectors like AgeTech and AssistiveTech, with high levels of market readiness and social impact, opening opportunities for cross-industry collaboration with stakeholders, while significantly extending the reach of ATLAS’ initiatives aimed at champion the AssistiveTech industry and its potential to drive social inclusion, promoting healthy Longevity and its importance to society and industry, and restoring the Technological Rights of the UK’s senior community.

As part of the new partnership, and following the addition of 18 new incoming volunteers, department heads and analysts in January 2023, the Biogerontology Research Foundation will be launching a 2023 Summer Internships Programme with ATLAS and @vetek, with remote opportunities available for Ukrainian and Eastern European students and in-person opportunities for UK students. This initiative is being led by Biogerontology Research Foundation volunteers Ian Inkster and Arian Mirzarafie Ahi 🌱 Biology and EdTech Adviser, who hope to broaden the broaden the geographical scope of the foundation's outreach, sponsorship, and collaboration activities with student societies, moving beyond Oxbridge to other areas of the UK and beyond. Any interested student representatives are encouraged to write to us at

The Biogerontology Research Foundation also appointed Ilia Stambler, Ph.D., to its Board of Directors. Dr. Stambler has been recognised for many years as a prominent Longevity thought leader and has served as an executive committee member of the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD), and as a fellow and policy director at the Global Healthspan Policy Institute.

Dr. Stambler at the DG National Insurance Institute - Advancing R&D and Education for Healthy Longevity

Dr. Stambler took part in the recent event (January, 2023) with the DG National Insurance Institute - Advancing R&D and Education for Healthy Longevity, in Knesset (Israel’s supreme state body). This offered the opportunity to network around key goals to advance longevity for everyone who is differently abled.

“The National Insurance of Israel (NII) is one of the pillars on which social policy in Israel rests. It acts as a public social security institution and operates under the National Insurance Law, passed by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in November 1953.

The NII provides economic protection to vulnerable populations and families falling in temporary or long-term hardships through the payment of benefits. Today the National Insurance Law includes a wide variety of insurance programs, such as old-age and survivors, maternity, children, work injury, general disability, long-term care, unemployment, bankruptcy and liquidation of corporations, and more.

Beside money benefits, the NII offers vocational rehabilitation and training services to the disabled, victims of hostile actions, as well as long-term care services, and counseling services to the elderly.” (

In 2023, the Biogerontology Research Foundation also announced a strategic alliance with Israel-based Vetek (Seniority) Association - the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life, which will serve to extend and enhance its long-standing mandate to promote and support the accelerated delivery of Longevity Industrialisation’s major social dividends for the mutual benefit of citizens and national economies.

As the world evolves into a new era of advanced science and technology innovations, Biogerontology Research Foundation and its partners remain fully committed to pushing the boundaries of humankind’s future.

We are on a mission to lead the transformation of global advocacy and philanthropy using frontier technologies – birthing techno-philanthropy where advanced technology-powered solutions will drive global philanthropy into the 5th Industrial Revolution.

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