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In Aeternum Vive: Preparing for a Generation of Centenarians (TTH Panel Discussion)

In Aeternum Vive: Preparing for a Generation of Centenarians (TTH Panel Discussion)

Panel discussion on the impact of an elderly population on the healthcare system, workforce, and economy. Hosted by The Triple Helix Cambridge in collaboration with the Cambridge University Longevity Society. Date: 01 Feb 2017 Follow us on... Facebook: Twitter: It is predicted that by 2050, over 2 billion people will be aged over 60, including more than 1/3 of populations of advanced economies. Such demographic changes will have tremendous effects on both societies and individuals, due to soaring healthcare costs and changing workforce structures. What lifestyle or pharmaceutical interventions could help ensure that the capacity of societies to care for older individuals remains adequate? What is the promise of new technologies and how likely are they to be integrated into everyday function? What political and economic measures will be necessary to promote social stability and fairness? The panel will connect experts in fields, ranging from policy-making to biochemistry, ICT and public healthcare, to discuss the critical implications of ageing populations. --- Moderator: Prof. Richard Faragher, Professor of Biogerontology, University of Brighton Speakers: * Prof. Sarah Harper, Chair of UK Government Foresight Review on Ageing Societies, Oxford Institute of Ageing * Prof. Carol Brayne, Director, Cambridge Institute for Public Health * Prof. Michael Wakelam, Director, Babraham Institute, Cambridge * Prof Arlene Astele, Ontario Shores Research Chair in Dementia, University of Toronto

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