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Prevent. Restore. Preserve.

We use the power of science to alleviate suffering through preventive and restorative medicine

What We Do

The Biogerontology Research Foundation has been committed to developing the United Kingdom's Longevity Industry, academic sphere and its State of Longevity Policy, Politics and Governance for more than 10 years. Now that the UK Longevity Ecosystem has reached a state of unprecedented mainstream acceptance and prominence, the Biogerontology Research Foundation is expanding its scope to help develop the Global Longevity Industry to scale.

Our Activities

Funding research to develop interventions that remediate the molecular damage underlying the diseases of ageing

Public outreach and advocacy

for ageing research 

Evaluating the impact of biomedical discoveries on the economy

Encouraging young scientists to specialise in the areas of biogerontology

Hosting seminars and


Acting as a think tank for

ageing research policy

Establishing strategic

partnerships to galvanize

progress in biomedical gerontology

Our Partners

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